Our Simple Process

Step 1

Our team is dedicated to researching the most effective ways to combat anxiety. We carefully select the best activities, tools, and resources to support your journey towards relief.

Step 2

We then work with professionals to develop and collect the optimal activties, resources, and tools to best handle your anxiety while staying accountable.

Step 3

We carefully package and assemble your crate and ship it out to your door. Get excited to strike down your anxiety and feel at ease once again.

Why Choose Spryer Crate?

✅ Relieves anxiety within 30 days

✅ Packed with research backed resources

✅ Will help you build healthy habits

✅ Will help you feel energetic in everyday life

✅ Advised by healthcare experts

✅ Fun activities built for anxiety relief

✅ Support team that cares

Health Professionals We Work With


I’ve worked with a lot of children and young adults and I love the activities in the Spryer Planner. They’re both helpful and easy to practice. The Spryer Crate is an excellent choice for those who suffer with anxiety.

Brian H
Registered Psychotherapist

My job involves me working with many teens that suffer from anxiety and the Spryer Care Package is perfect for combating a restless mind. 100% highly recomend.

Alex M
Social Worker

As a physchiatrist I treat people daily that suffer from really bad anxiety. I started implementing the Spryer Care Package with my patients and they have been showing really good signs of an improved mood.

Ryan F
Psychiatrist, MD
30 Day Spryer Planner

✅ HIIT Workout Routines

✅ Anxiety Relief Breathing Exercises

✅ Monitor your emotional wellbeing

✅ SMART goal setting

✅ Social support pages

✅ Proven accountability tips

✅ Weekly gratitude journaling


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