Our Mission

At Spryer, we're dedicated to empowering individuals who struggle with anxiety and other mental health challenges to take control of their wellness journey. We provide research-backed, convenient tools and resources to help them cultivate healthy habits and practice modalities that support mental wellness. Our mission is to help our customers build a strong foundation of self-care & wellness, with geniune support and accountability every step of the way.

My Story

Meet the founder

Hey my name is Tirth and I am the founder of Spryer Crates. I was in my third year of undergrad when I first began to struggle with my mental health. I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong, but I knew that I didn't feel like myself anymore. My thoughts were racing, my chest was tight, and I had a constant sense of unease that never seemed to go away. I tried everything to get back to normal. I went to therapy, tried medication/supplements, and even attended a few support groups. But nothing seemed to stick. I couldn't afford consistent therapy, and I had trouble staying accountable with the wellness modalities that I knew could help me.

My own journey

I decided to go to therapy and at one of my sessions, I decided to interview my therapist about every modality that was research-backed. I wanted to know what had worked for other people and what was worth trying for myself. I took notes on everything she said and began to incorporate those practices into my life.But even with all of these tools at my disposal, I still had trouble staying accountable. I would start to meditate, journal, or take cold showers for a few days, and then I would stop. It felt like I was making progress, but then I would always fall back into the same negative patterns.

The next chapter

That's when I had the idea to create the very first iteration of the “Spryer Crate”. On one of my "good" days, I took everything that I knew could help me and put it into a box. I included guided meditations, a journal, a list of affirmations, and other resources that had helped me in the past. Then I put the box under my bed and forgot about it.But when the bad days inevitably came, I remembered the box. I pulled it out and started to use the resources inside. It was amazing how much easier it was to bounce back when I had everything I needed right there in front of me. I realized that for me, it wasn't just a collection of items, it was a symbol of empowerment, a reminder that I could get through anything if I stay consistent with what I knew I had to do. This “Spry’d” life into me.Over time, I added more tools and resources to the box, and it became a lifeline for me. I tried to systemize the process so that other people could reap similar benefits and alas, Spryer was born.

How we help

At Spryer, we believe that everyone deserves to feel like their best selves, no matter what they're going through. We offer research-backed tools and resources to help individuals who struggle with mental health challenges cultivate healthy habits and practice modalities that support mental wellness, all while providing convenience and accountability. While we encourage seeking professional help when needed, we strive to empower individuals with the tools they need to make progress in their personal wellness journey.